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GRAIN Trader Argentina does not differentiate, race, nations, ethnicities or religious beliefs. We are twinned with peoples who proliferate peace and life as a common good.
We receive all equally without distinction of any kind. We seek to solve their food problems “

The main trading companies that have the monopoly of the country have fixed customers, work with T/T paid previous harvests.
Today they are paying 2018 crops.
You can call them, offer them buying businesses, but they will sell you T/T for 2018 at the Rosario Stock Exchange.
These companies manipulate the farmers, they pay very low prices with postdated checks.
These companies have large commercial structures to deal with.
They left many loose aspects that are taken advantage of by me.
I have excellent relation with the farmers, it is vital importance.
Farmers have their best kept produce to sell at better prices by avoiding manipulation.
My business system allows you to bypass any complex system but always within the law and incoterms legal conditions.
The goal of my company and the need for my NEA Northeast argentinean region and NOA is to attract new customers.
Have our own customers.
In this way, the province of Chaco, in the city of Barranqueras, where I live, we have a river port, strategic logistics point that separates us from the bureaucratic system established since the beginning of the agro-commodities trading system in the world.
The Rosario Stock Exchange is the pioneer in the world.
At the beginning of the history of the Stock Exchange of Rosario, we were in Argentina the positioners of prices worldwide.
Decades later, the USA became the nation with the highest agricultural production in the world, so Kansas and Now York became the agro-commodity price creators in the world.
Considering the commercial conditions that customers ask us for, they are: lower market prices, quality and work with letters of credit.
In this context, analyze a strategy to achieve the needs of international clients, ofshore.
In this context, consider establishing my business unit in two activities, financial to solve the agro-commodity purchase and solve the contracting of logistics services, payment of export taxes from Europe, Spain, with my strategic partner.
I from Argentina, doing the work of End Trading.
My job is to negotiate with the farmers to acquire quantity, quality and price of agro-commodity.
Hire logistic services, rent silos, dock rental in ports, cargo services, manage the payment of export taxes, contract export licenses to different destinations.
I indicate to my partner of spain amounts and destinations of payments in ex-works conditions.
My partner in spain receives the financial instruments that are current as a guarantee of the business and we negotiate with the best banking entity to settle with credit of liquid money under our responsibility, all this process.
The customer only realizes the true payment T/T MT103 when we obtain all the documentation agreed in contract, audited by SGS when the agro-commodity are in condition FAS and with the ship contracted to carry out the load.
All sales are CIF, CFR, CNF, C&F.
The payment of the total value of each shipment is made when the product is in FAS condition.
We load the ship, we deliver the documentation to the captain of the ship, the ship begins its journey.
From this moment on, it is the responsibility of the contracted insurance and the client.
Our obligation to sell the product at a low price, quality and finance the financing of the whole operation and hire the logistics and ship services at a low price.
The agro-commodity in travel is the responsibility of the shipping company, owner of the ship and insurance.
This part is responsible for the product in transit with destination of agro-commodity in position incoterms CIF.


Juan Manuel Niveyro

GRAIN Trader Argentina

End Trading agro-commodity from Argentina

 Argentina, breadbasket of the world !!!


GRAIN Trader Argentina

We are strategically rooted in the fundamental logistical point for agricultural logistics Northern Argentina, Barranqueras city in the province of Chaco; Argentina.

The city of Barranqueras has collector silos of farmers for grain, convoy of railways and transfer barge convoy to transfer directly to overseas ships or seaports.