1. The Buyer makes LOI using our model, accepting the commercial policy, completing the required fields and target price.
  2. Sends the LOI document to the End Trading GRAIN Trader Argentina
  3. In time within 48 hours we send contract and proforma invoice definitive signed by the financial company Seller GRAIN Trader Argentina directed of Juan Manuel Niveyro to the buyer
  4. The buyer will immediately return the contract and the proforma invoice signed, in digital format, perfectly scanned and clearly readable.
  5. After signing the final contract; the client has 48 hours will issue WRA addressed to GRAIN Trader Argentina for his bank Santander Rio in Argentina or my financier partner in another bank, signed and sealed by the issuing bank of the SBLC; informing that it is ready to open the SBLC financial instrument
  6. At the time within 3 consecutive days the client transmits the SWIFT bank to bank of the financial instrument or SBLC MT760 Operative, Irrevocable, Confirmed, Divisible that works as a guarantee of the business agreed in contract
  7. The Financial Instrument of guarantee of the business will be transmitted to the bank of Seller GRAIN Trader Argentina directed of Juan Manuel Niveyro
  8. We receive the financial instrument, the bank certifies that it is in optimum operating conditions, within the first 5 days we transfer via SWIFT bank to bank the Performance Bond PB 2% as beneficiary the buyer.
  9. Within the 45 to 60 days already have collected the commodity in sheds and tax deposit on dock in maritime port cargo in position FAS for firs ships
  10. The SGS company will be hired to certify the entire commercial operating process of this business project.
  11. SGS certifies that the commodity is collected at sea freight dock, certifies that we have the ship ready to load.
  12. All documentation is sent to the customer to confirm that we are ready to load.
  13. The Buyer within 48 hours transmits via SWIFT bank to bank the payment for T/T (TELEGRAPHIC BANK TRANSFER) for the quantity certified by SGS of the commodity for the quality for the price INCOTERMS PACTED in contract.
  14. The seller receives the hard copy of SWIFT T/T (TELEGRAPHIC BANK TRANSFER), proceeds to inform the company End Trading GRAIN Trader Argentina to begin the load.

Subsequent loads begin the same procedure in routine times.