Argentina has already become the largest supplier of frozen boneless meat for China

Chinese imports of the three main meats (chickens, beef and pork) continue to grow hand in hand with the decline in pig production due to known health problems. The USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) estimates that in 2020 the production of pork from the Asian giant will be reduced by 20 million tons, and that this missing will be partially offset by the growth of chicken production, which would increase around 4 million tons, and for higher imports. In any case, the expected supply deficit will be 12 million tons of meat. It is more than double the Argentine production of the three meats.

Although China is working on the control of African swine fever, both in the manufacture of a vaccine and in the control of these episodes through the application of biosecurity measures, it is still necessary for the health situation to be orderly and everything indicates that the less for the next 3 to 5 years your supply needs will be high.

This sanitary and productive crisis boosted the sales of the largest meat suppliers in the world and this time Argentina was not left out. In this regard, a recent report from the Ministry of Agriculture explains who buys and what meat the Asian giant buys. It also defines what place the meat produced in our country occupies in that combo.

This document indicates that in the case of pork, in the first half of China it has imported 820 thousand tons, which indicates a 26.5% growth over the same period last year. In this area, by tradition, the largest exporter is the European Union, which is left with 62% of the market.

In the case of chicken meat, in the first semester China imported 460 thousand tons, which means a growth of 71% year-on-year. Brazil has been its main supplier so far, with 72% of that turnover. But in this area, Argentina already ranks third in the ranking, with 40 thousand tons, far from the sales volumes of our Brazilian neighbors.

Finally, in the case of beef, Argentina’s participation in the “frozen meat of bovine meat without meat” stand out. Chinese purchases of this product totaled 572 thousand tons during the first half of this year, of which our country provided 27%, or about 151 thousand tons. These businesses were made at an average price of $ 4,300.

On the other hand, the document highlights that 61% of what was exported were cuts of the front room, another 28% cuts of the back room and the remaining 8% was completed with a mix of both.

With these data, Argentina managed to position itself as the main supplier of uncut and frozen beef cuts, the item with which it debuted in China a few years ago. Then, as of 2018, the country signed sanitary agreements that allow it to also sell bone cuts and chilled cuts.

The official document, in that sense, indicates on the end the evolution of prices. The highest quality cuts – such as tenderloin, quadrille and steak – are the ones that have declined in value in recent years. The ton of tenderloin that in 2016 was sold at more than $ 9,000, currently does not reach 7,000 a ton, while the cuts most requested by the Chinese had the reverse trend.