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We GRAIN Trader Argentina representatives our policy work that we inherited from our ancestors immigrants from all over the world.

From them we learned the value of our land, the virtues of work on it getting its products worldwide need.

We maintain this good inherited culture.

In our capacity as Trading, GRAIN Trader Argentina seeks to service quality care and production customers seeking trust and responsibility.

Heavy and fruitful work in the field directly with producers, collectors in silos, mills flour plants, oil plants presses and pellets, logistics trucking companies, rail and river make us strategic operators to achieve the projected goals.

We work accompanying the producer in the process of planting, harvesting, organizing logistics trucks to transport up wagons loads on railroads that carry grain to river ports where we coordinate river logistics to ship transfer at sea or ports maritime.

To achieve the balance we have strategic fellow members that finance the production, facilitating customer acquisition possibilities.

Our request is simple; that through mid commitments established by banks that support the customer’s ability and compliance of the draft contract, it is enough to engage in work on each project requested by customers.



Juan Manuel Niveyro

GRAIN Trader Argentina

End Trading agro-commodity from Argentina


Argentina, breadbasket of the world !!!


GRAIN Trader Argentina

We are strategically rooted in the fundamental logistical point for agricultural logistics Northern Argentina, Barranqueras city in the province of Chaco; Argentina.

The city of Barranqueras has collector silos of farmers for grain, convoy of railways and transfer barge convoy to transfer directly to overseas ships or seaports.

Corredora de Granos

Verificación http://ruca.agroindustria.gob.ar/certificado/20229056140/58457

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GRAIN Trader Argentina
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GRAIN Trader Argentina does not differentiate, race, nations, ethnicities or religious beliefs. We are twinned with peoples who proliferate peace and life as a common good.
We receive all equally without distinction of any kind. We seek to solve their food problems “

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